Coral Server for cloud connected apps.

We do the heavy lifting for cloud connected apps.

Get Started

Coral Server Suite

With our server suite you can connect your apps to cloud with writing to much of a code.

Coral Realtime server

Connect messages from different devices in real time. Send real time transaction updates

Coral Gateway

Backup your Sembast DB to the cloud. Push custom telemetry events and synchonize your local DB.

Coral Config

Manage dynamic configurations for your app through Coral Config.

Realtime connected Apps

Stream your fact updates from different sources to all the connected devices in milliseconds.

Easy To Start

Just sign-up and get your api token to get started.

Multiple Source support

You can stream your updates to devices from http endpoint, lambda functions or Nosql DBs


We provide your dashboard to troubleshoot and monitor devices and updates.

High availability

We provide 3 9s of availability without the loss of messages.